Amazon review: At last, Miranda is the life of the party: all she had to do was die. Elevated and adopted by none other than the reigning King of the Mantle of Dracul, Miranda goes from high-school theater wannabe to glamorous royal fiend overnight. Meanwhile, her reckless and adoring guardian angel, Zachary, demoted to human guise as the princess’s personal assistant, has his work cut out for him trying to save his girl’s soul and plan the Master’s fast-approaching Death Day gala. In alternating points of view, Miranda and Zachary navigate a cut-throat eternal aristocracy as they play out a dangerous and darkly hilarious love story for the ages.

♥ ♥ ♥
I liked the plot of this book a lot and the story had so much potential. Unfortunatly I felt a lack of emoitions throughout reading it. I went through the book pretty fast, understanding the characters reasons and actions. Despite this there were only a few moments where I felt for Miranda - the new vampire princess and her guardian angel/fallen angel Zachary. I believe the end was very heartbreaking but again I barely felt sad and didn't get hooked.

Anyway there where some good laughs, especially conversations between Zachary and the angel Joshua, something like this:

Zachary: Don't get me wrong. I appreciate whatever you're trying to do, but -
Joshua: What is that?! *pointing at Zachary's chest*
Zachary: It's a tattoo - of a cherub
Joshua: That is not one of the cherubim! That is a fat, naked white baby with wings! How could you do that? Body. Temple. Didn't you read The Written?


robin_titan hat gesagt…

I really need to read this book. I read the first one in the series last year and thought it was pretty cool. Glad to know the sequels good too :D

BTW I love your layout!

I can seriously imagine Jace as that actor (sorry not good with names here hehe) He's sooo cute! I've only seen him in that Alex Rider movie..which was really bad......