This was my most anticipated book 2009! I can’t tell enough how I freaked when I got it earlier than expected. I had to read it in one day, I knew exactly I couldn’t concentrate on work if I hadn’t finished it.

Here was my mistake AGAIN: I read spoilers, I couldn’t wait to know two things and maybe that was because I give the book 4 Stars than 5.

I thought the first half was good, not outstanding. For the first time I didn’t mind Simon at all, I kinda thought he was cool and his character very supportive. The same thing goes for Isabelle, I liked her better than before because in this book you see she cares so much for everyone she loves. And it’s sad Sebastian/Jonathan killed little Max, I felt for Isabelle, Alec and Jace.

Alec and Magnus. I love love love those two BUT I felt like there wasn’t enough moments with them and it kinda always seemed like you experience their story from somebody telling you what’s going on between them but you’re not right there in this moment.

Sebastian/Jonathan. I felt he was weird from the start and you get some hints that something is wrong with him. I never felt he was a threat for Clary/Jace relationship even though he kissed her. I’m glad she didn’t get fooled by him when he tried to take her with him and stayed with Jace instead. I can’t help it his character felt kinda wrong to me (he wasn’t like I imagined Jonathan would turn out to be and at the same time he was exactly how he supposed to turn out I guess. Evil.Unpatient.Cold.Charming.) The moment Hodge saw him and called him Jonathan you knew he didn’t mean Jace and that was when you knew the truth.

Jocelyn. I knew Magnus would wake her up and I was waiting for the moment she would show up. We don’t get to know her character very well, she’s asleep almost the entire series. But I thought it was interesting to hear her side of the story even though there wasn’t a lot to add to what we already knew. What I didn’t like about her was that she never, never showed any concern for Jonathan. He was her child after all. Not even after his death she showed grief or anything (in City of Bones we learn how she kept a box with things that reminded her of him and I was kinda disappointed that in this book nothing of that happened, that she wasn’t even sorry for not seeing him alive for the last time) and that takes me to the final battle. I was so hoping for a Valentine/Jonathan/Jocelyn/Jace&Clary enterference but it never happened. I was curious to know what they would have said to each other for the last time. I mean everything was explained and there isn’t much for them left to say but still I would have loved to see how they’d reacted standing facing each other.

Jace & Clary. I loved them! They seemed to me more mature in this book because they stopped pretending and said how they felt about each other. As for the mature part…I LOVED how Jace freaked out when he saw Clary in Alicante :D and how he said he didn’t like Sebastian right in his face. The bonds between them were more tighter, you could always read it in their thoughts how they always put each other before everything else. Even when Jocelyn showed up and Clarys first accusation was why she never told her Clary had a brother.
I’m glad Clary didn’t push Jace away the night before the battle, before he left. Even he was surprised she let him stay. And I knew when he died that she would ask the Angel for him. She could have wished for anything else in the world and she asked for his life. So everything turned out well. They are not brother and sister, Valentine and Jonathan are dead, Jocelyn is awake.

PS: Why is Clary always asking every guy if he slept with Isabelle?? :P

Anyway it was AMAZING!!! And I'm so sad the triology is over! I'll miss them


pens hat gesagt…

Thanks for this great review! Geat to hear about the evolution of Clary and Jace's relationship. I do like that she calls Jocelyn out on all her secrecy as well. I don't get my copy until tonight and have been dying to know about it.

Can you confirm if Jace and Calry are together at the end? Someone mentioned on a forum that Jace leaves or something like that? I am not exactly sure what they were referring to, they just said 'in the end'??

LeNa hat gesagt…

I'm glad you liked it and let me know what you think after you read the book! :)

Yes, Jace leaves but it's not in the very end, he went looking for Valentine and Jonathan to stop them and because he thought he was the one with demon blood. And Valentine kills him but don't worry he will be saved ;) In the end they end up together! yay