The first book I've read by Elizabeth Scott was Bloom. I didn't post a review even though I really liked the book. I guess I'm just a lazy person sometimes.

Perfect you was just as good as Bloom. You can't help but to like the main characters Kate, Will and Anna (and maybe Todd). The story is life-related, humorous (I just gotta think of all the fake smiles Kates Dad put on :D), sad, difficult, sweet, heartbreaking, wise.

Kate goes through one of those times when you believe there isn't one thing in this world which is good in your life. Her Dad is embarassing, the family is running out of money, her brother is annoying as hell, her scary Grandma is coming for a visit, her best friend pretends not to know her anymore and the guy she likes seems only to use her.

I believe most people would dislike Anna after this book but I think Anna has her own story and can't be judged over easily.

I loved Wills character. He is just a guy with problems on his own like everybody else. Kate was afraid to believe he realy liked her but in the end she risked letting herself enjoy his company and was proven that she doesn't have to expect the worst.

Looking forward to read more of Elizabeth Scott's books, she brings such a fresh spirit!