Oscars 2009 review

Starting from the beginning:

- Loved, loved, loved Hugh "the sexies man alive" Jackman. He killed it! While I was still processing the fact that he can sing, I figured he can dance, too! What's ur secret, buddy?!
I aaaahhhm wooohhlvereeen!

- Best dressed: Natalie Portman! Wasn't she lovely? Gorgeous! Loved the dress, loved the hair, she had it all

- James Franco. Holla!

- Heidi Klum. Well she's a supermodel, she worked the bloody dress. What was she doing there, though?

- Zac Efron, Vaness Hudgens, Miley Cyrus and whatever their names are...kiddos go home! It was past curfew!

- Team Brangelina! They were lookin gooood. Loved her earrings.

- Mickey Rourke. He might have been huge back then but wtf?? He's ugly, big deal! The only purpose of him being there was wherever the camera was going you could always see the white suit in the crowd. Guess who was sitting behind him! Yes, yes, yes it was him Pob P. Ohhh wheee

- Always enjoing "bootylicious" Beyonce. She's such a blast for the entertainment. Where was Jennifer Hudson?? The performance could have been done perfectly without Efron/ Hudgens enterference

- RIP Heath Ledger. You of all deserved it. Wish he could have been there

- Kate Winslet. I'm glad she got the Oscar. It was a lovely speach. You rock!